What's new at homes4u

What's new at homes4u

Clarksville View
We have now launched the first phase of nine houses at Clarkesville view at special, discounted introductory prices.
As of Monday 9th we have taken reservations on all the four bedroom semi detached, so just six three bedrooms remain.
There are 44 homes at the development and more will be released in the coming weeks.
Visit our 'New Developments' page to view more details.

Why are reviews so important?

Customer reviews help to put our brand in front of more clients as they account for 10% of the ranking factors on Search Engines.
The higher we rank online, the more customers will come to us for sales, rentals and property management.
A 2017 survey reported that 68% of consumers left a local business review when asked, that's about a one in three conversion.

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Maggie's Needs You!

Volunteers needed - please can you help Maggie's Manchester!
Maggies have been given the opportunity to fundraise at Tesco's on 4th August at Stretford and need volunteers to help.
If you can help please email Ruth Tobi to take part.

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Property Mark Exams

We are pleased to announce that Michelle from property accounts passed the first unity of her Property Mark exams last week!
The property mark examinations are available for all the team at homes4u. If you have not started the Qualification yet talk to your manager to find out more.

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The Property Ombudsman

Being a member of The Property Ombudsman shows our commitment to providing outstanding customer service.
As a member, we commit to the TPO code of practice in addition to our obligations under law. Do you know what these are?

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