What's new at homes4u

What's new at homes4u

Hello and welcome to this week's what's new at homes4u! To get things started this week, it's homes4u's turn to show everyone else how it's done in The Crystal Maze on 2nd December.
Also, our highest rating ever has been achieved on Zoopla property power 100. There's a quick reminder on  Maggie's Culture Crawl this Friday.
Fantastic news on our player sponsor Tom Curry's call up to the England rugby team! Finally, an update on the house price boom in Greater Manchester and our new direct link to MoveIt has gone live.

homes4u direct link to MoveIt

homes4u at The Crystal Maze!

homes4u hits top three on Zoopla!

Maggie's Culture Crawl

Tom Curry shortlisted for England!

House prices rocket in Manchester

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