Latest news from homes4u

Latest news from homes4u

Welcome to our newsletter. In this edition, we begin with news that Manchester has been named as the city in the UK with the best average rental yield over the last five years! As we approach student turnover season, we give you all out top tips for a smooth transition, and reveal what students are looking for out of their accommodation in 2021. Finally, is it time to invest in an HMO? And we turn our spotlight on Stockport, a place with a bustling bunch of neighbourhoods expanding by the day. Please do check your preferences to ensure you are receiving all the news you want to hear.

Manchester provides the strongest five year returns

What do students want from their accommodation in 2021?

Itinerary etiquette and tenant changeover season explained

What is an HMO and what do I need to do?

Property Investment Location Focus: Stockport

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